Assassin of Heroes

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21st Jan 2013, 11:29 AM

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[panel 1]
Giordano - rain, don't you like it's sound?
Fay - mmmmh, hu?
[panel 2]
Giordano - it's made by countless slight tones that collectively form a unique symphony on earth. It's also relaxing... when you aren't underneath it
[panel 3]
Giordano - this is the second time I've been soaked because of you. Do I need to bring a change of clothes next time?
Fay - jeez, you did chase me. why can't you just leave me alone?
[panel 4]
Giordano - you can't hide, they will find you and order me to take you back
Fay - like they did with my father!? it's easy to have a clean conscience when a blame others!
[panel 5]
Giordano - No... no, not at all: everything came from me. Not just you, or your father. A long time before you... I started all of this long time ago.
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about what is perceived: the absence of light as vacuum, absence of sound as silence. Senses of the human, animal, being: biggest lie for human souls are enslaved.