Assassin of Heroes

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21st Dec 2012, 3:58 PM

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[panel 1]
Fay's dad - Do you like here?
Fay - it's wonderful! dad, how much high you can fly?
Fay's dad - don't tease me fay, you know the sun is not a limit when I am with my princess
[panel 2]
Fay's dad - uh? what's wrong fay? If you're really scared we can land in no time
[panel 3]
Fay - dad... your powers are back again, this mean--
Fay's dad - Fay, we've already discussed about this. it's not like that I don't want to stay with you
[panel 4]
Fay - but if you hide the return your powers
Fay's dad - fay...
Fay - all you need is that you say "not yet" when they ask--
Fay's dad - Fay!
Fay - but Len say that...
Fay's dad - Fay!!
[panel 5]
Fay's dad - fay, please. Is not that easy. it's not like you can start save lives and then, one day, you chose had enough and sit back ...while their cry for help still bounce in your head
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about what is perceived: the absence of light as vacuum, absence of sound as silence. Senses of the human, animal, being: biggest lie for human souls are enslaved.