Assassin of Heroes

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30th Nov 2012, 9:56 AM

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[panel 1]
Fay - I hope I am not the one who must introduce you to our neighbour
Giordano - weeell, I guess I got a good news for you. You're also not required to tell them...
[panel 2]
Giordano - ...Goodbye
Fay - w-what? what is this supposed to... I mean, I can't just leave my friend and go for a new home like that easy
[panel 3]
Giordano - truth is that there's no new house nor choice. See we will move constantly and leave no trace ever
[panel 4]
Fay - This is totally madness, it doesn't make any sense. w-what are we? Some kind of hobos?
Giordano - I wouldn't define it that way, unless if you don't consider it as a kind of adventure, then--
[panel 5]
Fay - no, no!
Giordano - look--
Fay - This is not adventure, this is me, it's my life!
Giordano - eheeey, calm down--
[panel 6]
Fay - I don't want to be hobo {sighs} What would dad say? he... he would never... forgive me {sighs} never!!
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about what is perceived: the absence of light as vacuum, absence of sound as silence. Senses of the human, animal, being: biggest lie for human souls are enslaved.