Assassin of Heroes

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9th Jan 2012, 7:32 AM

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[panel 1]
Judy {but also consider what her life mean for us. The orphan child of a superhero, inherited powers but only as half alien to us}
[panel 2]
Judy {She's afraid of us, but she has enough strong will to face her fate. When it will ever come again someone like her among us?}
[panel 3]
Giordano - Your orders, what I have to do; that's only matter for me. I won't put a spoke in the wheel of your wishful thinking but don't try to fool me.
[panel 4]
Giordano - We both know I am the one responsible for the destruction of your family
Judy - My... my family
[panel 5]
Judy - you're wrong Giordano
[panel 6]
Judy - You're not responsible for anything. As you said, you've no personal matter in what has been and what will come; you're nothing but what we order you to be. Don't forget it Giordano.
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about what is perceived: the absence of light as vacuum, absence of sound as silence. Senses of the human, animal, being: biggest lie for human souls are enslaved.