Assassin of Heroes

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14th Nov 2011, 10:55 AM

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[Panel 1]
Fay - I won't, I'll never use my power again. I swear!
Judy - I know you will, that's why we choose you. ...You and Giordan--
Fay - Please no, no!
Judy - He... he'll--
[Panel 2]
Fay - I won't call him father, you can't make me! He killed my dad! Please don't do this! I will never, ever use my power again.
[Panel 3]
Fay - Never... {sniff}
Judy [struggle]
[Panel 4]
Judy - Fay...
[Panel 5]
Judy - You're going to hate us for this. And you should. Strong feelings like this will help you grow. It's my only hope that you someday you'll understand. My only interest is in your survival. ...and this is all I can do for you, for now, at least.
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about what is perceived: the absence of light as vacuum, absence of sound as silence. Senses of the human, animal, being: biggest lie for human souls are enslaved.